What We Deliver

For over a decade, Braxton Services Company (BSC) has delivered to our customers solutions to complex ground system challenges. With deep roots in NASA, NOAA, NRO, and the United States Space Force (USSF) architectures, we bring to bear highly technical engineering talent. Additionally, as our products page highlights, our software and hardware engineers, along with our IT talent provide quality product solutions for ground systems all over the globe. Our engineering talent includes:

  • Systems, Software, and Test Engineering support to NASA’s Space Network (SN).
  • Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance to NASA’s next generation SN solution and NRO’s future architectures.
  • Software and Systems Engineering for multiple Goddard Space Flight Center projects.
  • Full system design, development and delivery for NOAA’s JASON Ground System upgrade.
  • Information Systems Security expertise for Naval Research Laboratory’s Blossom Point Tracking Facility (PBTF).
  • Software Engineering for the Naval Sea Weapons Systems, AEGIS program.
  • Systems Engineering for the USSF, Space Surveillance Network (SSN).
  • Satellite Operations for the USSF research and development satellite operations center.
  • We also provide Technical Training solutions along with Technical Writing expertise.

We are partnered now with several other space industrial base leaders to formulate solutions for potential opportunities with NOAA, NASA, NRL, USSF, and subordinate organizations like the Space and Missiles Systems Center (SMC). Our competitive rate structure, along with our close relationships with our sister subsidiaries, Braxton Technologies and Space Ground Systems Solutions, form an exceptional teaming strategy with your organization. Please contact us for more information.

Core Competencies


BSC’s custom software design and development services aim to leverage modern high-performance computing architectures to deliver optimized solutions for unique mission requirements. We offer software engineering capabilities that span the range from enterprise application architecture to driver development”

Core Languages: C/C++, C#, Java, Perl, Python

Core Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 6, .NET, and 2008/2010, Eclipse and NetBeans, Intel Parallel Studio, GNU Compiler Suite, Perforce and Subversion

Core Domain Expertise: Telemetry and command processing Spacecraft simulation, testing, and verification CCSDS and TDM protocols Protocol translation and data distribution RF to IP data capture and processing Data archiving and retrieval Scheduling and data quality metrics Custom encoding and encapsulation

Systems Engineering

Braxton Services Company provides a comprehensive range of systems engineering and integration services to both government and commercial customers to enable the realization of successful quality-based space and ground systems while maintaining a shared relationship between scope, schedule, and cost. BSC engineers, working hand in hand with our customers, engineer solutions to ensure ongoing operational success of some of the world’s most complex products and systems. With a thorough understanding of each customer’s mission and goals, we analyze requirements, develop and implement engineering solutions, test and validate results, and provide individualized support services to address specific customer needs.

Ground Systems Solutions

BSC specializes in the standardization of ground network elements, enabling interoperability while providing customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of individual missions.

Ingenicomm Product Line Implementation and Custom Solutions

BSC develops, deploys and maintains the Ingenicomm Product Line to support your ground station data processing and distribution requirements. As we feature on our Product page, BSC and the Ingenicomm Product Line offer a variety of Data Processing Systems and Signal Conversion Devices, exclusively developed in house and deployed by our engineering talent.