Braxton Services Company is the exclusive developer and support provider of the Ingenicomm product line. The need to modernize ground system architecture drives us to think outside the box and seek out ingenious communication paradigms — and thus we created the Ingenicomm product offering. These products specialize in the standardization of ground network elements, enabling interoperability while providing customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of individual missions. Our approach allows the user flexibility in a multi-mission environment by leveraging powerful software processing to solve complex engineering problems.

Domain Expertise

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Design Philosophy

Architectural Scalability

In an ideal world, mission requirements would be fully defined before any part of a ground system is built. In reality, most missions undergo numerous changes in requirements, including interfaces, data formats, and operational procedures, during ground system implementation. Ingenicomm’s approach to scalability begins at the system architecture; technical trade-offs are evaluated against criteria for scalability, and design decisions are made to minimize the risk of architectural lock-in and leave options for future changes, expansions, and enhancements.

Design Modularity

One of the most powerful concepts in the development of complex systems is component reuse. Reusable components provide a number of benefits, including reduced integration time and compatibility risk; consistent implementation of interfaces and data formats, and changes across different elements; and consistency of user and management interfaces. Ingenicomm leverages modular software frameworks that can be easily re-configured to meet different operational needs, whether in a single element or across multiple elements.

Enhanced Performance

As missions produce ever-increasing volumes of data and processing and distribution timelines shrink, operators are forced to make dramatic improvements in system performance. Ingenicomm has unparalleled expertise in implementing high-performance systems for spacecraft data processing and distribution, y combining analysis of potential bottlenecks and critical execution areas during the design of the system with optimization of performance-critical components and libraries during system implementation, integration, and test.

Robust Security

With numerous reported incidents of critical networks being attacked or compromised by rogue actors, system security remains a vital aspect of ground system design. Security flaws in systems can allow attackers to corrupt mission data, disrupt operational activities, and damage ground systems or spacecraft. Ingenicomm’s approach to implementing security begins with comprehensive security assessment during the design phase, allowing potential areas of vulnerability to be identified, documented, and evaluated, and mitigation strategies to be infused into the design.

Turn-Key Ease of Use

Studies have concluded that one of the leading causes of expensive operational failures, data losses, and spacecraft anomalies are user errors caused by confusing, poorly designed, or insufficiently documented system interfaces. When designing user interfaces, Ingenicomm adheres to human-computer interface (HCI) design guidelines and best practices, and utilizes mock-up reviews and prototype demonstrations with key user stakeholders, including operators, engineers, and system administrators to take user preferences and recommendations into account.

Ingenicomm Product Line

Digital Data Processing

Built around modular software frameworks, Ingenicomm’s award-winning digital data processing products are a proven solution for mission-critical space operations, including manned spaceflight and launch vehicles.

Modems and Receivers

Ingenicomm’s narrowband receivers offer a robust set of satellite telemetry, tracking, and command (TT&C) capabilities for spacecraft operators in the government and commercial sectors.

Signal Conversion

Ingenicomm’s modular signal conversion devices provide a highly reliable, low-cost solution for users with unusual electrical interface requirements or unique signal switching needs

Simulators and Test Sets

Trusted by satellite integrators and test labs around the world, Ingenicomm’s spacecraft and ground system simulators/emulators are a de-facto industry standard for satellite and instrument testing and ground system interoperability verification.

Turn-Key Ground Stations

Ingenicomm’s integrated ground station solutions include everything that a satellite operator or data end user needs, from the antenna to the end user data distribution engine, packaged together in a portable, ruggedized kit that can be used at a fixed ground terminal or at a mobile site in the field.

Featured Ingenicomm Products

Mission Heritage and Integrated Solutions

Braxton Services Company has been a trusted partner for the space community since the company’s inception in 2010. Our solutions are deployed on every continent and we have supported dozens of missions across the civil, DoD, Intelligence, and commercial communities. Our passion is to leverage advanced technologies to unleash innovation in the areas of data processing and communications for the benefit of mankind, creating innovative engineering solutions that go beyond customer needs.

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